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Welcome to Golf Pro Market. We are a family of golf enthusiasts. When I married my wife umpteen years ago one of my rites of passage into the family was that I had to play golf with my father-in-law plus my three brother-in-laws and her various uncles, great uncles and cousins.

Having never played golf before I was definitely intimidated. That didn’t last long. As people whiffed the ball, took mulligans in a game of scramble, and laughed and (quietly and not so quietly) cheered each other on throughout the day I gained an appreciation and a love for the game. While I probably play a lot worse now than I did that first day – nothing beats beginner’s luck – a few things stuck out to me.

Golf was great exercise, great fun, and was a mini-representation of life laid out in 18 holes. During my time playing golf I have come to understand the game and many of it’s concepts. One such concept is what “Ready Golf” means.

It is important to be able to pull up to the tee box ready to swing; with all of the necessary equipment. Your golf tee in hand, the right golf ball, and the glove on, ready to go. Initially that concept was lost on me, I was fumbling for these items as I came up to the tee box.

As time progressed I also realized that ready golf wasn’t enough – next to your clubs; the right ball, the right tee, and a well fitted glove could make all the difference in your final score.

Thus the subscription service component to Golf Pro Market was born. Every month, for one flat fee, you will receive; golf balls, golf tees,  and a golf glove meant to help improve your game – with a few other items in there to make your play better or your time on the course more comfortable.

In addition to that we set up an Amazon store for you to buy training aids and accessories, often times, at a discount to what you would find in a traditional store. We hope to make your life a  little easier and less rushed as you start off your tee time and in the process we look forward to seeing you shave points off your game.

Best always,

The DraKoln Family


Golf Pro Market

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