All your life they told you to think outside the box to be innovative…the infamous “THEY” were wrong.

To showcase your innovative golf technology, product, or innovation you need to be in Golf Pro Market’s “Golf Ready Box”.

Our Golf Ready Box is becoming the preferred golf box for both retail and corporate golf communities because we keep it simple. While there are other golf boxes – the majority of them are either too complicated or lack a central theme that serves the needs of the end golf player —- how can they improve their handicap.

We focus on putting the right golf balls, golf tees, and golf gloves in the box to help them do just that … then we add a little extra.


If you would like to be that “extra” in either our retail or corporate boxes there are three ways to get in:

  1. Email us info on your product and your price list. Those that give us product for FREE to put in the box, minimum 30 pieces, will get priority over those that charge, but we have been known to buy stuff that has uniqueness and the right price.

Send your email to: info [at] golfpromarket [dot] com

Subject line: Put my product in the box

2. Would you like to put a flyer, magazine, or promotion in our box and promote to our 400 plus members and growing?

It’s easy, we charge $500 to put your promo in the box. Get us your 4”x 6” flyer by the 25th of the month and it goes out on the first.

To get into our corporate event boxes it’s $750 for the event, no box distribution guarantee. Ask for a list of our upcoming corporate events.

If you need design and print services we have a great referral for you.

Send your email to: info [at] golfpromarket [dot] com

Subject line: Put my flyer in the box

Maybe your product is simply too big to fit inside the box, but you want to be showcased to our audience. Get a paid review of your product for $350 and we will put you on our website and share it on our social media outlets; linkedin, facebook, twitter and send out a limited number of tester items to our audience to help you build good will.

Send your email to: info [at] golfpromarket [dot] com

Subject line: Review my product